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-Its all about that dough-


Constant monitoring of our air and ground networks to address

potential sources of disruption in our air and ground networks.

  • Compliance with applicable government regulations related to the containment of Corona-virus.

  • Careful guide and information being provided to the staff across the globe regarding the best ways to prevent the spread of infection, based on guidelines from the World Health Organization.

  • Package workers and all other workers in our shipping department are provided with PPE and are enforcing our rules and regulations given to us by health officials.

  • We are also sanitizing all of our equipment used for our products frequently, not a single piece of equipment weather it be in the shipping department or in our baking department, we sanitize everything touched and used as it i more then just a product, its a piece of us. 

  • All staff are required to wear a mask and gloves when handling our items when shipping and baking. 

Cookie Dough


Cookie dough is derived from the creation of cookies that dates back as far as 7th century Persia, where they were used as test cakes. ... They evolved into Biscuits for convenience as they were easier to keep fresh for a longer period and were simple to carry for travel. Cookie dough designed specifically for eating raw (such as that found in ice cream) is made without raw eggs and uses heat-treated flour.